is A new paradigm of telling the Nigeria Entertainment and Nollywood stories from a perspective of the everyday people conjoined with income earning features for members.


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Music Nolly stands for Music and Nollywood which definitely covers the entertainment creative industry.

The Platform serves as:

Entertainment Mission: We intend to become Nigeria’s largest creative community of actors, film and TV crew, theatre professionals, voiceover artists, dancers, singers, musicians, models, Directors, Entertainment Marketers, Music Producers, DJ etc.

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People Profiles Features: is working to become African movie database, casting platform, musical and video, currently focused on titles created by and for Nigerians and the rest of the continent.

Users can find information on any locally made production, as well as leave reviews and get recommendations. For the industry, creators can showcase their work and their resume using our bespoke platform, as well as cast for upcoming productions.

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Brands/Business Promotions: Grow Your Business/ Content with MusicNolly, was founded to help small, medium and large businesses and organizations in their online activities. Our mission is to create a positive, engaging and fully inclusive content experience for content creators, fans and business owners. Submit you Photos, News, Video, Music etc for approval. Promote your Brands here aims to create a constant dialogue between the underground and the mainstream, thus reshaping the face of movie and pop culture. MusicNolly aims to IDENTIFY, ANALYSE AND CHAMPION the new culture.

A key component of the MusicNolly as a cross-platform brand, is to bridge the ever-widening cultural gap between locals and the diaspora including creating Income EARNING Platform for fans of the Artistic individual in Nigeria.

We aim to be the trusted source of what is now, and what is next, in all aspects of music, art, Nigeria Movie and popular culture.

MusicNolly will use in-depth interviews, investigative storytelling and intimate visuals to provide a novel take on the culture.

We do not have any direct affiliation, unless otherwise stated, with the celebrity, brands etc mentioned on our website.

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