INSIDE LIFE Celebrity Acting is instinctive for me – Actor Ibrahim Lawal

Acting is instinctive for me – Actor Ibrahim Lawal

London-based actor and skit-maker, Ibraheem Bolaji Lawal speaks in this interview with TOMI FALADE on acting, life and family.

Would you say acting is something that came instinctively for you, or did you have to learn it?

Acting is instinctive for me. However, in order to improve and get better at what you do, learning becomes imperative.

Back in the day, a career as an actor was not something parents encouraged. Were your parents on board with your career choice?


At the time I started acting, my parents were already aware of the positive impacts of acting in our culture and the society at large. They also understood that it is another successful profession, therefore, there was no objection to my choice of career.

You have a number of other career options. Have you ever thought of leaving acting?


I am very passionate about acting so there was never a time I thought of leaving my passion solely for another career.


Asides the glamour, would you say acting is profitable, or do you have a ‘side hustle’?

Every career has its own struggles and Rome was not built in a day. Understanding this and more, I have a side hustle.


Of all the movies you’ve done, which are you most proud of?


I do not feature in substandards, so I would say I am proud of every movie I’ve done.


Actors sometimes court controversies to stay relevant. Is it something you can do?

We all have the right to do whatever suits us as adults but for me, I cannot do it.


How do you handle female fans and colleagues?


I keep it hundred percent professional and ‘fanly’ if there is any word like that.


Any plans to diversify into other branches of showbiz?



I am also a content creator, I make skits.


The wave of DNA testing has hit Nigeria. What’s your take on it?


DNA proof or not, every child deserves parental love and support.


What’s the next big thing fans can expect from you?


That’s going to be my comedy series so my fans should look out for that on every platform.


What’s the one thing you can never be caught doing in a film?


I can’t think of anything. As an actor, you should be versatile.



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