INSIDE LIFE Art & Culture Adejoke Tuygbiyele’s Transformational Sculpture Is Preaching Wellness

Adejoke Tuygbiyele’s Transformational Sculpture Is Preaching Wellness

Sundays are for wellness, the days to chill and reflect on the wins of the past week and how to overcome the unavoidable challenges of the new week.

Adejoke ‘s  engaged art has the capacity to challenge the viewer’s relationship with materials, and can foster new ways of all round thinking and awareness.

Tugbiyele won BISO19, a showcase and competition of sculptures internationally biennially hosted in Ouagadougou, Burkina Fasso

According to ArtXLagos:
Adejoke Tugbiyele (@adejoketugbiyele)’s artistic practice is rooted in developing a better understanding of self, and encouraging tolerance. Her works address ideas around race, gender and sexuality. They also examine the role of religion in defining the way we view our bodies, as well as the subversive role spirituality can play in self-love and acceptance.

Image: ‘Shifting The Waves: The mask, The Boat, The Broom, The Box’, 2017, by Adejoke Tugbiyele

Happy Sunday!

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