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Best Lead Actress In A Movie: All The Reasons Why We Think Bukunmi Oluwasina Is Deserving

Nollywood actor/producer and songbird, Bukunmi Oluwasina is a fast rising entertainer, her song writing skills, vocal delivery on songs and exceptional acting prowess are “mahd oh!”

With an increasing fanbase cutting across all ages, the nollywood sweetheart has won multiple awards, the most recent being “Best Lead Actress In A Movie” presented to her by Nigerian Women Achievers Award.

Best Lead Actress In A Movie Award: Bukunmi Oluwasina

We have our reasons for supporting this award, Bukunmi Oluwasina is an all-around actor, take it or leave it. With lead roles in different characters, from lovesick teenager, street hawker, tomboyish roles, traditional ruler, nurse, think of it, the beautiful actress would deliver. Accolades to you pretty 😍❤️

Don’t believe us, find photos below and wow!!😁👍

The Movie “TOOLS”
The Movie “OJE LAYE”
The Movie “OBANKOBA”
The Movie “CROSS ROAD”
The Movie “CITATION”
The Movie “GBAGEDE”
The Movie “IBIKUNMI”

All hail the excellent role interpreter, we give you accolades💯💯❤️❤️


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