Reviews Citation; A Fan Review

Citation; A Fan Review


I was expecting the movie to tow the path of the popular “Acrimony” but in this case instead of leaving the viewers debating who was right or wrong, it would be who was lying or telling the truth between the professor and the female student. Alas! Bros Kunle Afolayan was quick to give it a predictable end.

I suspect he was more after appealing to sentiments and political correctness. After all, asides the business inclination of having big shots like the likes of Mama Ibukun Awosika, there was the attempt to project women in power.

Nonetheless, I love the storyline, although it had quite a number of unrealistic scenes.

Like are there really girls who act like they don’t know where a lecturer is headed with his intentions when he throws the lines like, “do you have a boyfriend, I know you like riding horses and then going as far as pointing out the color of her panties? A mature student who is actually running a second degree o.

Yet this happened just after the professor attempted to kiss her on the beach during a field trip. And then the scene he attempted to rape her after the party he threw in his house. No attempt to run, she just stood there after pushing him off when he made to kiss her again.

Hian! These scenes looked so unreal. The professor was too creepy to not notice or pretend not to know what he wanted.

All the same, dem say soup wey sweet, na money kill am. Money finish work for this movie. The locations, set designs, props and costume were on point. The picture or camera quality was tight too.

By the way, Temi Otedola’s Yoruba language sucks although quite hilarious and selxy. To think some people say my Yoruba language is not strong enough. Omo, I get confirm hope where the likes of Temi dey. 😂

Although it doesn’t seem like she has acted before, she tried for a first attempt (I think) just like Mama Ibukun Awosika was just there being herself. Some argue Ini Edo over acted, even though I have never really paid attention to her acting before. As for the professor, Jimmy Jean-Louis, he was flawless to me. His interpretation and delivery with his straight face while lying to the panel was hilarious.😂

Overall, I would score the movie 7 or 8. If you have seen it, let’s know what you guys think. Otherwise, you should see it. It is on Netflix.

Cardozo Ayodeji

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