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Don’t Be The Bastard That Says Covid-19 Isn’t Real – Nollywood Actress Oyita

Nollywood Actress Ayobami Ojo Popularly known as Oyita has took to his social media page to share her Covid 19 survival story. She expressed her after testing negative to the virus after long treatment.

In a video posted on his Instagram page she wrote:

“Good afternoon, #My Family. This post should be taken very seriously, please.😭 I was going to stomach all of it until I had been cleared of it, that’s why you had heard no bit of it until now.

After two weeks of agony and a serious fight for my life, I finally got my negative Covid-19 test results this morning. It was a tough fight, and I tried to be strong through it all. I tried to be on social media as frequently as I could to avoid people suspecting something was wrong.


It’s been two long weeks of pain, and immeasurable fear for my life. I, at some point, doubted if I would still be alive by the time #MamaKofoshi started airing. But I am immensely grateful to God for this restoration of good health. I have now tested negative and fit to carry on with daily activities.


This message isn’t to elicit empathy or anything of that sort in your mind. It’s purely to drum it in your ears, COVID-19 IS REAL. Don’t be the bastard that says it isn’t. You may have it without even a symptom and infect someone who may not be as lucky as you are. Observe all Covid-19 safety protocols, please!!!! Eni’ba lóò mo o.

An ocean of thanks to the persons who knew about it and showed support in little and big ways. I’m also appreciative of persons who figured out on their own that something wasn’t right with me and decided to check up on me—even though I told some of you that I was okay.💔 I’m fine now— convalescing still— but fine. Thank you one, thank you all.

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