Reviews Genevieve Nnaji Is Overrated And Adesua Etomi Is Underrated – Gimba Kukanda

Genevieve Nnaji Is Overrated And Adesua Etomi Is Underrated – Gimba Kukanda

A Twitter Influencer And Geopolitical Scientist, who is known to give undiluted movie reviews tweeted that acclaimed actor, Genevieve Nnaji is overly celebrated as she’s just an average actress and Adesu Etomi deserves more accolades in tweet quoted below:

“Genevieve is actually an average actress, there’s nothing extraordinarily spectacular about her acting. You should be talking about someone like Mercy Johnson if you want to talk about someone much more talented, and above the league of Adesua.
I watched Sugar Rush when it hit the cinema, and I didn’t find Adesua Etomi’s acting underwhelming as some have observed. She’s your everyday Nollywood actress, nothing spectacular but commendable. It’s too soon to judge her fairly because we haven’t seen the extent of her range.
Talent and range are two different things. And no matter how wide your range is, there would be roles you will still fall short.

So it’s safe to say Adesua is Talented.

Most of our actors are very talented, it’s production crew that’s 👎

It takes significant talent to play in a variety of range. Range is a product of immense talent.
Adesua is yet to be stretched in the fashion of, say, the incredibly talented Mercy Johnson. She’s unlikely to have Mercy’s range, and talent, but her difference with actresses like Genevieve is the one between six and half a dozen. She’s a Genevieve with less movies and stardom”

What is your reaction to this opinion?

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