Reviews How Original Is DJ Cuppy?

How Original Is DJ Cuppy?

DJ Cuppy’s Original Copy is a melange of sounds with collaborations across Africa and beyond.

While this writer cringe whenever DJ Cuppy sings, others opined she has improved from the lacklustre 2017 Tekno’s inspired Greenlight song

The project began with an ode to Epe, her hometown, with Efya words of encouragement, she introduced the audience to the project. Typically short but historic. Something for the culture.

Jollof on the jet was the most hyped single ever by Cuppy, she even had a challenge before the song was released, she preceded this with some theatrics, eating Jollof rice in a bathtub, when the song was released, it failed to meet the expectation created. Rema autotune chorus accompany with a verse from Tanzania Rayvanny singing in Swahili about giving a girl Cassava The beat was a rip off of Tuzi produced Rora by Rekaddo Banks.

Wyclef Jean came through with a verse on Wale (Come Home) DJ Cuppy tested her singing ability on this song with some corny lines. Bleak but this didn’t last for long, Wyclef did the magic. His lines were more expansive.

On a P-Prime produced feel good by Fireboy, it is the second coming of favourite song (Off Apollo), this time dancehall but amplified with trumpet and piano. The singer wanted to top his dance with somebody gumming on the bed (decode). Song smells 50 shades of grey.

Another dancehall but this time, it featured Ghanaian Darko, both acts rue their love experiences. The song was not properly mixed.

The interlude was meant for haters, DJ Cuppy wears Cardi B dress on this, using some Ewi, English to buttress her point. She is self-sufficient.

Karma was the second single preceding the album release. Stoneybwoy was in his element on this tune. While its a ballad, it also a dancehall about love and the infatuation that accompanies it. Karma is a play on the word Calmer. It a prospective club tune.

Finally, we have something for the party rockers, on this tungba inspired joint, here is Teni Makanaki playing with some childhood saying. The pure vibe, she interpolates with some saying by King Wasiu Ayinde. Litty lit is a sure bet for Yoruba parties.

54 featured Julian Marley and Sir Shina Peters. It celebrates the continent and buttresses the point that Africa is not a country but a continent of 54 countries. Afro Juju’s exponent SSP was not left out of the gospel. The percussion in this song did it for me, Konkon, Talking drum, Omele is all felt while listening to this song.

Guilty pleasure featured Rnb singer Nonso Amadi who came through restating his resolve to love the girl despite all the impeding negative around. Cuppy was in cloud nine, she doesn’t want to stop. Do you know what they say about love?

POY is short for Piss of You, the hook interpolates Olu Maintain’s 2008 “Kentrol” with both artistes (Ycee and Ms. Banks) talking about going the 69 way, seductively and discreet but the initiated know this accompany with some moaning. This is Pon Pon Pon Sound with some Ghanian borrowing (Banku).

To close the gospel was Seyi Shay, banging and mid-tempo “Labalaba”. It hangs between a BYE to a lover and a middle finger to misanthropes.

Original Copy was a good attempt by the billionaire daughter to formally introduced herself to the Nigerian audience, she has really improved on her craft, this is evident in her singing and parting on some tracks on the album, while she overdid sometimes, this might be overlooked, we are all prone to get over-excited.

The production was satisfactory except for some mixing on some track (check up) for details.

Producers: 2Kriss, P-Prime, Killertunez.

Titbit: There were some animal sounds on the tracks.

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