INSIDE NOLLYWOOD Celebrity News Rumours Has No Effect On My Marriage – BBNaija Star, Bam Bam

Rumours Has No Effect On My Marriage – BBNaija Star, Bam Bam

Actress and reality television star, Oluwabamike Olawunmi, better known as Bambam, says getting back in shape is not her priority because she’s focused on taking care of her baby.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she noted that being a mother was a beautiful experience. She said, “It has been overwhelming being a first-time mum. People tell one it’s easy but the experience is a completely different ball game. However, I didn’t experience labour. When it was time to have the baby, my doctors told me I needed to have an emergency caesarean section. Motherhood changes one mentally, emotionally and physically. My ‘love bank’ is a billion times bigger than it was.

“I am now more tolerant and patient. Also, my senses have been heightened because another life was created through me. Being a mum is beautiful but taxing. I can’t just sit down and expect my husband to do everything. I am a working mum and I’m doing exclusive breastfeeding.”

Bambam also maintained that she was not bothered about getting back in shape. “I am not battling with losing weight. I want to give my baby my best and when I feel satisfied that I’ve done that, I can worry about getting back in shape. My husband is not complaining but I’m an influencer for a weight loss company and taking good care of myself is important. I do waist training when I want to work out or take pictures. Initially, when I saw how I changed, I felt bad. I didn’t understand my body but my baby is worth everything. I was insecure for a while but I’m thankful for having a cooperative and supportive man.  Men need to be patient with their wives when they are changing. Some women are lucky and they don’t have any complications but my pregnancy was quite difficult. I vomited every day and felt like a mess. But, I made sure I followed my doctor’s instructions.’’

Bambam also dismissed reports that her husband, Tope Adenibuyan, aka Teddy A, abused her physically. “We are very deliberate as a couple. We know how to separate our personal lives from our social lives. That’s why I still have my sanity. There is no pressure on us. Me and Teddy don’t need to get validation from anyone. We do whatever we want and live on our own terms.

“For the last time, I debunk reports of domestic violence because it amounts to defamation of character. It’s wrong to joke with things like that. Our reputations are important because of the work we do as brand influencers.  If my husband is tagged a woman beater, it would affect our work. To him, it wasn’t a big deal but I felt that was too much. I can’t be quiet about something like that. I’m a calm and quiet person but I would never stay with a violent man. If I had noticed any violent traits in my husband, I wouldn’t have married him. Whoever is peddling that news and the people that believe it must think very low of us as a couple.”

Source; Punch

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