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Skin Bleaching Is Not A Condition For Getting Movie Roles – Actor, Bose Alao

Nollywood actor, Bose Alao, has said she delved into business when movie roles stopped coming her way.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “I like being busy but when it comes to acting, I don’t get many scripts. I have questioned myself on a lot of occasions if there is something I am not doing well. In acting, one has to be consistent. There was a time I was choosy about the scripts I accepted and I don’t know if that affected my getting roles. I was so particular about storylines back then. I like to get jobs based on merit but even politicians lobby for contracts. At a point, I had to start a business because the roles weren’t coming.”

The beautiful mother of four also noted that fans put a lot of pressure on celebrities to lead fake lives.

“Fans put pressure on celebrities to lead fake lives. One needs a lot of discipline because the expectations of fans from celebrities are usually too high. A lot of them feel one should have a certain financial level and live a certain way. However, things don’t work that way. It’s not nice. Some people who don’t have wisdom and discipline fall for it. But, I thank God He gave me the wisdom to deal with that kind of pressure,” she said.

Asked if it was a norm for one to ‘bleach’ one’s skin before one could get roles in Nollywood, Alao said, “It’s not a must. As an actor, the most important thing is for one to interpret one’s roles well, whether one is dark or light-skinned. As a matter of fact, some producers don’t even like fair-skinned people because by the time lights used on set are put on, they realise they have a lot of work to do.”

On how she has been able to maintain her trim stature, the actress said, “I don’t have any special routine for my body. I don’t even exercise but I live healthily. I don’t eat junks and sugary foods. I like to cook myself and I like fresh homemade foods. I think my stature is hereditary. I take after my grandma, who has a small stature. My siblings are much bigger.”

Source: Punch NG

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